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David R. Davis

Cardboard Heroes: Stories of Struggle, Hope and Redemption – One day we are born, and one day we die. All that we have is what comes between those two days. Shall we be a beggar, a hero, a demon, or a saint. In Cardboard Heroes, you will gaze into the essentials that make up our lives – childhood, passions, motivations, aging, death, and how we accept or deny love, loss, fear, tragedy and joy. Maybe you will recognize yourself within these pages. You will smile, think, laugh, and perhaps cry, but in the end, you will be richer, having read these eighteen short stories.

“With their fascinating characters and intriguing plots, these stories will linger in your heart and mind.”

Deb VanDeventer, author of Out of the Crayon Box.

Running In, Walking Out weaves the tale of John Redwine, a Vietnam veteran seeking answers to lifelong questions. Answers he hopes will bring him peace. Sara Andersen, her kindness, grace and the flowers she grows bring joy to all who know her. Preston Johnson, the blues – his passion, his regret – his life. Duane ‘Wire’ Thomley, trouble has captured his life, maybe Portland, Oregon will be his release.

“I was barely into the book when the first pearls of wisdom hit me. So profound that I stopped reading, wrote down the authors words and shared with my friends. Many times while reading I thought, “it’s like this guy knows me.” This book is honest, interesting statement on the human condition with a moving story that will leave you feeling better than before you read it. I just ordered the 2nd. book and can’t wait for it to arrive.” Reader review of Running In, Walking Out.

The Unusual Man. Andrew Densmore, a Boston bred self-important gentleman, authored The Unusual Man in 1915. He was a man tormented by by the death of his younger brother, the memory of an abusive father and financial desperation. He expected the book to be his passport into literary fame and fortune. It didn’t work out as he’d planned. One hundred years later, a worn copy of the book makes its way to Tucson, Arizona and into the hands of Austin Brewer. Life for Brewer is controlled by OCD and a deep desire to be left alone. Densmore’s book, along with housekeeper Lupita, Victor Frankl, and twelve-year-old Bobby Prescot become instrumental in the redemption of the reclusive Brewer. A writer writes to bridge the gap between humans, sometimes it takes a century to accomplish.

“A story can reach across a hundred years and still be as fresh as warm-from-the-oven baked bread. The Unusual Man is such a story.” Jerry Isaacs, author of Star Shadows Congeal After Midnight.

Both books are available as paperbacks and Kindle e-books on Amazon.