Walking A New Path


March, April, May, June, July and now August. Still staying home, still wearing a mask, still social distancing and wondering what comes next. Actually, I’ve decided what comes next, at least in those things where I have some control. My intent is to walk down a new path which I choose to travel. A year-long experiment and two new writing projects are in the works.

The experiment. I worked for over thirty-five years as a social worker and as a therapist. My career was based on a belief that given the tools, the support and the motivation, people could change for the better. “the better,” a somewhat subjective concept. Here I’m talking about changing their lives so they might live a more healthy, satisfying, productive, interesting, peaceful, happy, non-destructive, fulfilling, loving life. The list is almost as endless as the desires of people. I had to believe this was possible to do my work properly and honestly. I saw success, and I saw failure.

Now I am retired and have more free time (a nonsensical thought) to try on new ideas, considerations, and activities. There is an old saying – “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I will put that saying to a test. I think you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m just the old dog (Okay, more accurate to say the ancient dog) to try on the idea.

My mother lived only thirty-one years, my grandmother lived one hundred and three years. I’m somewhere close to the middle of both. I may have an hour, a week or perhaps another thirty-one years so I too can pass a century of life. I keep having this nagging feeling that whatever time I have remaining; I want to make it count.

To paraphrase General Douglas MacArthur, Old social workers never die, they just fade away. (In my case they get fat and bald.) Before I fade away, I intend to see if I can learn some new tricks. I plan to develop an experiment to see if I can make my life more healthy, satisfying, productive…  I will work, play, learn and write over the next year to see if I can accomplish this goal. I will write daily concerning my progress and at the end of a year, I intend to complete a non-fiction book that lays out my success or my failure. One hope I have, is to provide some motivation and prompt others (regradless of thier age) to make their lives more of what they want them to be, and less of what they don’t want them to be. That book will be one of my writing projects.

The second project will be to publish a book of short stories, essays, and poetry. After completing two novels, I’m eager to learn the art of writing worthwhile short stories-essays–and poetry.

So you see, I’m making an open confession of my desire, my hopes, and my plan for the coming year of writing.

 I also intend to use this blog platform to share thoughts about living our lives without hesitation, writing our stories, and reading good books. I intend to gain the perspectives of others by including guest bloggers. Lastly, my two dogs have requested that they be allowed to take part in this blog. Denni will be periodically adding her two cents worth under the heading of Denni’s Wise Words. Louie will share his interest in literature under the heading of Louie’s Book Barks. Both have assured me that they will keep politics out of their writing.

Here is the first offering from Denni.

“Life is too short to not stop and smell the poop.”