How Would You Vote?


            Have you noticed more kindness, more tolerance lately? No, it’s not a seismic shift, maybe more like a soft breeze that feels refreshing. I’ve felt it, not always, but it’s there if you watch and listen for it. At the grocery store, “You go in front of me, you only have a couple of items.” It’s happened on desert trails while I’m hiking. “Great day to be outside, stay safe.” There’s no question it’s something I need and desire. That symbol we often see on bumper stickers in Tucson says it all–BE KIND.

            I wonder if this phenomenon is enduring, or if after this strange and trying period has ended, we will return to our “I was here first, tough luck buddy,” posture. I hope not. We have a national election coming up in November. I believe it will be one of the most important in my lifetime. But maybe we could consider a different election. One that is not partisan, one that does not require hateful bickering and boasting of I’m better at this or that than you. I’m thinking a more private, personal election that involves everyone.

            What if we held an election that had our citizens vote YES or NO to one simple basic concept? Something to the effect of this statement:

I am voting Yes ______ or No______ to the United States being

a more kind, forgiving, less materialistic, less greedy, less polluting,

and less competitive country. I’m voting that we actually view and treat

all people as equal. I’m voting that we treat the planet respectfully.

I’m voting that we have a Department of Peace.

I’m voting that a smile and a have a nice day my friend, have a

higher value than a new Porsche or diamond ring.

I’m voting that equality for all means equality for all.

I’m voting that our power comes from unity and not from division.

I’m voting that there is enough for all if we only take our equal share.

            Pie in the sky, you might say. Perhaps I am naïve. Perhaps we are too far gone down the road to turn back. I’ve seen and felt changes in my life and in the lives of others since we’ve become swept into this crisis. I’ve found that having a new shirt is far less important than a quick note to my sons or friends. I’ve found that a home-made meal tastes better than a quickly eaten meal at Chilis. I haven’t suffered any by using far less gas than I did before this happened. I have good books on my shelves that now are being read. I really didn’t need to drive to the library five or six times a week. Watching a funny program on TV with Suzanne and Denni on the sofa with me is just as much fun as a $8.00 cup of popcorn at the theater. Seeing a rattlesnake, a wild turkey or a Bobcat during a walk in the desert is more rewarding than obsessively watching the news.

            So, I wish we would hold this special election. Not in November, but maybe tomorrow and no later than next week. I know how I would vote. Maybe we should hold a national protest demanding that we want a kinder country. If the powers that be resist, then maybe we just do it, anyway.

Take care my friends, be safe and go well.