The Tiny Bird


I like the sun and the quiet, I can think. The little finch didn’t care about the calm. He wanted to sing. No worry, no concern with this tedious life. No disease. No cares. He began, not timidly, but cheerfully, with much to say. Laying aside my book, I nodded, giving my attention. But the song was not intended for my ears. I was but spying. It was a friend, a mate, or perhaps only a chat about the weather. Quick, sharp exuberance regarding the sun, the blue sky or simply I’m happy to see you my friend. And the companion, yes, ever so willing to pause and agree. Call and response, no, call and consent. Life is not about worry, fret or fuss; life is about trust. Life is about today. Life is about this moment. The conversation ended, they flew away. I sit again with my book. The quiet, now a distraction. Come back, I need to hear more.

I wish safety and peace for all. Go well, David.

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Bird

  1. I have been paying closer attention to birds recently, too. I thought you might enjoy this:

    How To Take A Bath in less than a minute using five easy steps

    Back up to the fountain pool Flick your tail in the water Splash just enough to wet your feathers Stretch, fluff, and furiously flap your wings to air dry them Dip your face in the water once on each side

    Stay healthy! Karen



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