Trying Times


We are without question living in trying times. The most obvious issue on the minds of the world’s population is the coronavirus. Each of us is dealing with it in our own way. I’ve heard people dismiss it with a casual, “the flu kills many more people each year, I’m not worried.” I’ve seen people with grocery baskets filled with toilet paper. I know I’ve watched too much news, I have fretted to where I know it’s not healthy. I’ve cursed the President, the stock market, and the selfishness I have witnessed.

I now know I have to try something else. Here it is.

David’s Top Ten List.

10. Go outdoors and experience nature each day.

9.   Eat healthy food.

8.   Read a good book that I’ve always wanted to read.

7.   Paint some rocks and leave others to find them.

6.   Write something every day.

5.   Stay connected to friends.

4.   Worry less.

3.   Be kinder to others and to myself.

2.   Pay more attention to what’s important and less to what is not.

1.   Follow the Unicorn’s advice.

Go well and be safe – David.