By what intervention was I born?

Luck, I suppose, maybe not, maybe by design.

What, or is it who, said he will be male?

It gave advantages not earned.

What gave me abundance?

I have no right to much, when others have little.

What providence gave me America?

I with no desperation to cross borders.

What destiny determined my skin be white?

Black, brown, red and yellow were available.

What fate allowed me to return from war?

With so many others dead and gone.

What gives us the right to demand how others must live?

I’ve yet to know how I should live.

What authority allows us to chain and imprison?

While we love our liberty and live so freely.

What demon teaches us hated and distrust?

What wisdom guides our respect and tolerance?

What insanity will destroy that which we love?

What prophet will teach that which we need?

The answers need come quickly.

I’m running out of time.

Go Well , David