Sharing the Road


Let’s play a game called Sharing the Road. The rules are simple and easy to learn. It could also be called let’s make a deal, although you would have to play the role of host Monty Hall.

Here are the rules we must follow in order to make the game fair:

  1. Everyone is equal. No one gets to be better than anyone else. No one has to be less than anyone. Each voice carries as much meaning, weight, truth, and authority as everyone else. English, German, Russian, slang, poor diction, southern, northern, foreign and Arabic carry the same tone of honest meaning.
  2. Skin color is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.
  3. Gender does not matter, Female, male, trans are all balanced on the scale of neutrality.
  4. Religious faith or lack thereof is of no consequence.
  5. You are not richer because of your wealth, you are not poorer because of your poverty.
  6. Your political leaning does not make you right, nor does it make you wrong.
  7. Street smart, book smart, not smart – does not lessen or increase your right to speak your truth. There is no fake truth.
  8. The air, the water, the animals, this planet – do not belong to you, nor do they belong to me. They are gifts to be honored, respected and cared for. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else gets a pass on this responsibility. There are no get-out-of-jail-free cards in this game.
  9. You get five extra points if you play a hand of kindness rather than a hand of hatred.
  10. Lastly, abide by the bumper sticker that tells us to share the road with bikes. They also deserve a spot on our shared life journey.

We must embrace unity, not separation – sharing, go back to small, caring communities – Unity, not separation, is what has to happen.

Genesis P-Orridge

Go Well, David