Launch -Desert-Writer blog

This is my first post for a new blog. My intent for these postings will be to share my meandering thoughts about life. I’m aware that I have more of my life behind me than what remains in front of me. Being this age and having that piece of information changes the way I view each day.

I’ve come to believe that I as well as the rest of the people on this planet have certain responsibilities to those living today and those that will come in the future. I will be posting my thoughts regarding some of these issues.

I’m not a preacher and I certainly have no desire to preach. I will attempt to write as honestly as I can. I want to speak about the goodness of the human spirit, but I will not shy away from the short-comings that we all have.

I hope that anyone who reads my posts will interact with me and offer their opinions and thoughts. The sharing of our deepest beliefs adds to our lives and I look forward to that sharing.

Go well, David